Delivering New Solutions!

April 20

God has blessed me with a brilliant earthly father, who is very
innovative. He will turn 89 next week, but is as sharp as ever.
Several years ago he was a big help with our home addition. One
amazing suggestion he gave us was to place light switches by the
headboard of our bed. From experience, he knew middle of the night
bathroom runs would be coming and a night light would be handy. Additionally.
my husband's side has a switch which turns on the gas fireplace, while
on my side the second switch controls the ceiling fans. How did my
Daddy know that would be the perfect solution for hot flashes?

Our heavenly Father is full new solutions. His mercies are new
every morning and He can work all things together for good for those
of us who are called according to His purposes

A dear friend emailed that she and her husband were traveling on the
highway and had some struggles facing them. On the back of the truck in
front of them was a bumper sticker which read: Delivering New Solutions. They praised the Lord for the reminder that
He is a Savior with Solutions!

This morning as I was praying the fact was placed on my mind that today
each us of will face a heart that needs to be filled with hope.

Let's Pray: Oh, Great God, Your love is so amazing.
Your knowledge is indescribable and the covering of Your wing a comfort
we have all needed multiple times. Fill us with the Holy Spirit today
and give us a sensitivity to see the needs of others. Stir our hearts
to move and come alongside someone who needs hope and open our mouths
to tell of Your faithfulness and pour Your Word out upon someone who
is ailing and needs the miracle of YOU...a healing balm. In Jesus Name,