April 22

If I threw out the word supplication for possible definitions to my
students, a dinner club, would probably be among the guesses.

Webster's defines supplication this way:to ask humbly and earnestly of;
to pray to God. Synonym...BEG!!!!

This very popular verse: Philippians 4:6, encourages us:
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

So what is the difference between prayer and supplication?
According to Wikipedia:Supplication is a particular type of prayer, one that is asking for something. It has the connotation of being a humble request. Prayer itself can be many things other than requests. It can be for simply telling God how you feel - happy or sad, and for thanking Him for any one of the good things He does or provides for us. It is a way of becoming close to Him, and a time of listening for what He would say to us.

WOW, great job Wikipedia!

Our prayer lives may need a little spicing up if they are the same ole, same ole, begging variety. We could think of our prayers as a full course meal.

Praise = salad (a good beginning)
Confession = vegetables (which are good for us)
Supplications = main course (meat of the matter)
Listening = bread (comfort,the Bread of Life speaks comfort)
Thanksgiving = dessert (what we all look forward to)

Let's Pray: God, You are our God and we will ever praise You.
Our hearts just beat and our eyes just blinked and of that You are fully aware.
Amazing! Indescribable! Forgive us when we grow anxious, when we fret or grumble,
or just plain forget to say we love You. Thank You that You have today all planned out and no matter where we are, You are with us. We surrender our lives to You and give the Holy Spirit control...ok...that is our intention at this us!
And Father, we come to You begging for assistance in areas where we know
You can provide.
Please hear our prayers of supplication______________________.
Thank You for allowing us to lay those down. The load is so much lighter and
now we can get on with what You have for today. We are listening.
In Jesus' Name, Amen