April 3

Around 6AM my husband walked through the room and said, "TGIF."
My first thought when I had awakened was "It's Friday, but Sunday,
yes, Palm Sunday, is a coming!"

Last night we attended an Easter Pageant depicting the birth, life, death
and resurrection of Christ at Halesford Baptist Church here in Moneta. What
a story! You go from the Hoorahs of his miracles; to the heartache of the
crucifixion; to the hallelujahs of realizing He is risen and alive today!

What a week we have ahead of us as we celebrate the most holy of weeks in
our lives as believers.

Google: Bird Loves Ray Charles - Video and watch this video.
This is how we, who have life in Christ, should be feeling!

Let's Pray: Hallelujah, what a Savior! Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty King, Radiant Redeemer! Father, You have seen us through another
week and we are one step closer to heaven. May we all be in a place of
worship Sunday. Help us to think outside of our box and invite someone
else to enter into a time of worship of You! In Jesus Name, Amen