Contact with Society

October 2-3

This quote caught my attention this morning.
"Contact with others in society is not what causes the soul to grow most vigorously.
In fact, one quiet hour of prayer will often yield greater results than man days spent
in the company of others. It is in the desert that the dew is freshest and the air is the
most pure." Andrew Bonar

Praying for an hour takes discipline of the mind and even more discipline of what we do
with our time! Look ahead at the next two days and schedule an appointment with God!
Why is it we struggle to be alone with the One who loves us and knows us best?
Hmm, maybe we think we have all of eternity with Him and we want to make the most
of our time with people on earth.

When God does nudge us to have contact with society, we should go for it. I had another wonderful confirmation
yesterday. Two weeks ago God put a man on my heart to pray for, so I called him and asked if there was something he needed prayer for. He was taken back a bit and said, "No, I don't think so." and that was the end of the conversation.
Yesterday, I saw him and he said, "I've really been wanting to see you. The day you called I had received a disappointing call from my lawyer about a property I was trying to lease. No one knew about this venture, so I didn't share it with you.
That afternoon, the landlord called and had a change of heart and the deal went through! I kept thinking back to God placing me on your heart." I replied, "God is for real!" He smiled, "I know and you call me anytime He brings me to your mind!"

His faith was increased and mine exploded with excitement over what a personal God we serve!
Stay in contact with Him and march where He says march!