December 23
A dear friend, whom I met a few years ago in an Apple store in Minneapolis,  passed along these two explanations of Christmas decorations we use.  He posted these on his condo door for neighbors and their visitors to read.  He wrote to me sharing that he wanted to share with those looking at his decorations how he feels about the whole Christmas season.  He writes:
"It (Christmas season) was the start of my being saved!"
Our daughter shared how she heard Billy Graham say that it takes approximately twenty people sharing the love of Christ, slowly chipping away at a hardness of heart, before someone gives their life to the Lord.  When my husband came to Christ at the age of twenty-eight, he recalled a fellow in high school who had shared about Jesus with him and also a man in a stairwell in an athletic club in Alabama who asked him, "God forbid if you die tonight do you know without a doubt you are going to heaven?"  The actual moment of surrender came in front of the 700 Club on television.

What might we share this season with another,
that could lead them to the greatest gift available to mankind.

The Christmas Tree
Originally, the Christmas tree was an evergreen tree 
and represented the eternal life that Jesus brings.  
When it is cut down and then put up again, 
the tree represents the resurrection of our Lord.

The Wreath
The wreath is a circle which represents the eternal, divine love of God,
which has no beginning or end.

Lovely, isn't it?