The God of Hope

Hats off to these two caregivers.

September 22-Evening thoughts.
This morning was a banner day! I made it through the whole night alone and slept great.  This morning I put cereal in a bowl and poured milk over it (ok, yes with my right hand, but I still did it all alone) and they left me totally alone to dress for PT.  The value of your accomplishments is directly related to your circumstances! While the enemy wants my mind to go to...."No way you will ever be able to make breakfast for all 23 members of your family again," I say "Hooray for what happened today!" and look forward to the blessings coming on the other side of this hospital rehab door today.
I know who my God is.  A God who loves me and has plans to give me a hope and a future wherever I am!
My PT session today, with a new young therapist didn't start off great.  I was standing behind my walker and she said, "So why is your left knee bent? Is there something wrong with it?" I wanted to say, "Are you kidding me?" but said, "Actually, I didn't even know it was bent."  Then she asked me to sit and lift it and she realized I wasn't as strong as she had presumed.  Next she rather abruptly said, "So what day do you think you should go home?"  I burst into tears. I looked at her and said, "I may not be as bad as some of the other people here, but I woke up this morning and realized there's no way I could walk down the hill to my dock. No way I could keep my balance on a floating dock; take my kayak off the rack, put it in the water and get in; and no way I could load up a group of Bible study ladies and drive them off on the pontoon boat. I don't want to leave here in a wheelchair or behind a walker. I want to be me again."
So she worked me so hard my muscles are twitching tonight. Bout killed me but I walked up a FLIGHT of steps!!!! Then she took me outside and said she was going to make me walk through pot holes!

Strokes can come upon anyone.  Those of us recovering here at ST Thomas are quite a varied group.
Black, white, male, female, old, young.  Some know Jesus, some don't.  Enjoy today's Biblegateway verse and reach out to someone who may be a little different from you.

So reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory. Jesus did it; now you do it! Jesus, staying true to God’s purposes, reached out in a special way to the Jewish insiders so that the old ancestral promises would come true for them. As a result, the non-Jewish outsiders have been able to experience mercy and to show appreciation to God. Just think of all the Scriptures that will come true in what we do! For instance: Then I’ll join outsiders in a hymn-sing; I’ll sing to your name! And this one: Outsiders and insiders, rejoice together! And again: People of all nations, celebrate God! All colors and races, give hearty praise! And Isaiah’s word: There’s the root of our ancestor Jesse, breaking through the earth and growing tree tall, Tall enough for everyone everywhere to see and take hope! Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!
Romans 15:7 MSG