Throwback to Rehab and the pretty gown, robe and snuggly bear some of my lake buddies sent me!

October 6
Prayers are working!  No adults have fallen to the virus as of yet!  
It’s been a couch potato day for these sweet boys, but much better than yesterday. 

Thanks to our son in law who dropped me off at therapy this morning on his way to work. His office is literally next door!  Now that’s a God thing.  
I was sitting in the waiting room and the angel came in and sat in the same chair. He was wearing a cross around his neck and appeared to be there for stroke therapy.  (Good cover.) Not recognizing him as the man we encountered the other day, I engaged him in conversation by saying, “Isn’t this a fabulous place!  Are you ready to work hard today?”  He smiled and said,  "I always sit in this chair."  I said, “Oh, you were here last Friday!"
A lovely older African American lady, named Viola entered and sat next to me.  She was wearing hose and heels…hmm not ready to work too hard. Later I heard her tell her therapist her doctor told her she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to.
Inquiring as to why I was there. I explained  I’d had a stroke after arriving at my daughter’s house.  Kevin, the angel, said, “Ah, you have family. I don’t have any family.”  My reply, “But you have Jesus and his love is amazing!”  Viola piped in an “Amen!”  Kevin grinned and asked us where we went to church.
Posing the same question to him he said, “EOS” at least that’s what it sounded like….I”m thinking Established in Outer Space.  :-) Next he proceeds to tell me he doesn’t have a home.  Hmm, no earthly family or earthly home.  Fits the profile!  

Of course you don’t I exclaimed.  My husband and I pegged you for an angel when you spoke to me the other day and told me to have a wonderful day! A grin flashed across his face.  I told him I had written about him on my devotional and asked if I could take his picture. Are you ready for this? 

 Kevin shook his head and laughed, “There wouldn’t be anything there!!!!”

I told him his life was of such value and to please keep brightening other’s days.
He told me we could talk after therapy, but I had to leave before he was finished and he wasn’t in the main therapy room with the rest of us. Hmm, maybe he wasn’t really at therapy.

Therapy! Where by the way, they pushed me to the max.  One of my self set goals was to be able to get my kayak off the rack and put it in the water. Today they had me lift the agility ladder from a therapist holding it over her head. Then they made me walk around the room with it overhead and enact what it would be like to put it in the water.  They worked my legs hard too. I had jello legs leaving today!

Big thanks to my friend Mary Glenn for giving me a ride from therapy, walking with me through the grocery store and providing us with some fabulous food from Nashville’s famous “Picnic” restaurant!