Medical Update

We had a fun Thanksgiving Day at the ocean!
I need to remember these moments and give thanks.
Medical update following today's hematologist appointment.
Here’s my latest report at this 11 week mark.

The good news is the hematology testing from the 18 tubes of blood came back fine, with the exception of the one clotting problem they found in Nashville.
I’m this doctor’s first patient with a plasminogen indicator PA1 problem. She called her colleagues in Pittsburg to confer on how to handle this situation.
They all feel it’s a 50/50 chance this had anything to do with the stroke and the only way would be if it was combined with a cardiac problem.
While the Plavix could be the culprit of the current headaches I’m battling they feel keeping me on it is the best stroke prevention for now. The other drug option has a 40% recorded reporting of causing headaches. Please pray for these to go away.

The headaches, dizziness and another stroke are the biggest concern right now. The doctor says I need to be aware there could be a slow bleed in the brain from the Plavix and I might want to consider another CTScan.  I think I will start charting the headaches and keep the option open of seeing the neurologist in Nashville over Christmas and get the CTscan there is necessary.  Our daughter in law nurse just emailed to not wait too long on the scan, so I’m praying for wisdom.  I've cancelled everything on my calendar for the next three days to see if total rest makes a difference.

The PA1 disorder does up my chances of throwing a veinous clot to my lungs. So she said, keep exercising and eating wisely.

Two more weeks of the heart monitor. Then it is mailed back and a report sent to the doctor. It will be after Christmas before I can get back to the cardiologist.  Unfortunately, I had to disconnect from it last night because the sticky pads have caused a rash on my chest and stomach.  UGH.

I’m growing a little weary, but need to focus on being Thankful. I bought a pair of I’m Joyful socks to go along with the “I am smart” socks someone gave me and I'll be wearing them the next three days!
Thanks for all your prayers, love and concern.
Love, Boo