December 12-13
Thursday night I watched Dolly Parton's movie called "Coat of Many Colors."  It was refreshing and filled with a  faith message that is missing in mainstream America.  The only review I read was a "worldly" one and wasn't overly complimentary. The writer referenced "the audience" that would want to watch this sort of film with a snicker in his writing voice.  (Yup, this is where I'd stand up proudly in a crowd and acknowledge being a part of that audience, but of course we taped every "Little House" episode that ever crossed our TV screen and found valuable lessons for our children and ourselves as parents in those shows.)
The review writer also used a word which I never have: schmaltzy-"overly sentimental."
I tell you what, I'm so thankful Jesus is schmaltzy towards me!  I'll take me a scoop of overly sentimental, oozing with God's love, and emphazing the importance of family any time someone wants to pour it over me this day and time.

The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, 
along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.
1 Timothy 1:14 

Thursday was the best I've felt since the stroke.  Unfortunately, it was followed up with Friday which was one of the worst.  Giving thanks for a patient, compassionate husband, who not only stands along side me, but who is willing to lay hands on me and pray for healing.  Asking God for wisdom in what direction we should take.