When I Get Carried Away

Making oh so good snow cream!
Good to the last drop.

We stayed in our snowplow pjs all day this particular day.
February 3
 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Chris.
Philippians 3:20  

My husband has requested we play the song "I'm Walking on Sunshine" when we celebrate his home going.  My father's favorite song from the 1940's was "I'll Be Seeing You." which we played over and over for him as he was dying. Quite appropriate knowing he was headed to heaven.

A cute new friend in my Bible Study group lost her mother a couple weeks ago and she shared two songs they used for her funeral, which were new to me!  Hope you enjoy...
"No More Night"

"When I Get Carried Away"

Here's a happy look at what might happen when we get to heaven!

I"m gonna let the glory roll when the roll is called in glory.
I'm gonna get beside of myself when I get beside the King that day.

I'm gonna have the time of my life when the time of my life is over.
I'm gonna get carried away when I get carried away.

Well, I'll pass the clouds and shout so loud, it may sound like thunder.
My tearful eyes may fill the kids until it looks like rain.

When I leave this world, pass the gates of pearl, and stand before my savior,
I'll let my soul, at the glory roll, when from the roll He calls my name.