I'm A Fixer Upper

May 28-29
My poor husband. Once again I've presented him with a "Fixer Upper List"!  Opening up Shiloh for the summer is a lot of work, but we know this place is a gift from God and it needs to be cared for.
Yesterday morning it was 74 degrees by 7:30AM. My goals for the day were to clean/weed the beach, get out the grands' beach toys and then head to the other side of the property and clean out the boat house and make a list of needed supplies for the summer.

On the beach was a large galvanized tub filled with rain water and two puffy salamanders who had obviously climbed over the side and couldn't get back out and drown.  Gross.  What a way to start.

I wonder if God says, "Gross" when he sees me getting puffed up with pride over something.  Glad he doesn't toss me to the woods like I did those slimy creatures. I wonder which one tempted the other to "come on in."

One of my favorite TV shows is called "Fixer Upper."  I came across a fabulous piece on Facebook about the Gaines.  It's your devotional for this weekend! As you read about their marriage, their parenting, their partnership be encouraged that they face all those things knowing they are not perfect, but a pair of "fixer uppers" committed and surrendered to the Lord.