The Forgiveness Factor

Love the mix of intensity, concentration and elation when this little one creates.

May 19
While she was visiting, she wanted to paint her toenails herself. I laid out a paper towel and told her it was important to keep her piggies on the towel.  I stepped out for a minute and when I came back I noticed a spot of nail polish on the tile floor. When I went to use the towel to get it up I uncovered a bigger mess.  She began to tear up, knowing she'd tried to cover up a mess. 
Cradling her in my arms, I explained accidents happen and we all make mistakes, but it's important to be honest and seek forgiveness and help if necessary to right the wrong.

Sarah Young had written on this topic in Jesus Calling on May 9th.

"Don't be so hard on yourself.  I can bring good even out of your mistakes.  Your finite mind tends to look backward, longing to undo decisions you have come to regret.  This is a wast of time and energy, leading only to frustration. Instead of floundering in the past, release your mistakes to Me.  Look to Me in trust, anticipating that My infinite creativity can weave both good choices and bad into a lovely design.
Because you are human, you will continue to make mistakes. Thinking that you should live an error-free life is symptomatic of pride.  Your failures can be a source of blessing, humbling you and giving you empathy for other people in their weaknesses.  Best of all, failure highlights your dependence on Me. I am able to bring beauty out of the morass of your mistakes.  Trust Me, and watch to see what I will do." 

But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.
Micah 7:7

That same day a friend called and when I said, "How are you?" she replied, "Not good. I've been an awful person and am filled with guilt."  We've all been awful people and we will be awful again. Praise the Lord His forgiveness factor. Sometimes we are the last ones accept forgiveness from above.