The Maker and the Mender

Here's our newest grand dog with a very happy face.

May 24
Don't you just love it when the Lord speaks to your heart.  Opening my eyes the other morning I was heavy hearted.  As I said, "Here I am Lord," he answered, "Hand me your heart." Immediately, I melted.  His next words were "I am the Maker and the Mender."

The Maker, the one who created each of us and knows every hair on our heads. 
The Mender, the one who has great kingdom purposes in all that we experience.

Later that morning I had an encounter with a gentleman concerning a replacement shipment for some tile which had arrived broken.  He said it could take five days, which was going to really delay the project, so I said, "It's not of eternal value, but I'm going to pray it arrives faster."  "Huh," he chuckled "If you want to pray for something, pray for my elbow. I have tendinitis."  So, right there on the spot I prayed and was able to say in the prayer how God had just reminded me He is the Maker and the Mender.

The tile arrived in two days!  Please pray with me that the gentleman's elbow is better too.

Think of just one person, whose heart needs to be mended right now.  Are they allowing God to be their Master and show them the way? If not pray fervently that they relinquish control.  That they hand Him their heart and follow His ways.

Come, let us worship and bow down, Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
Psalm 95:6