The Never Ending Story

August 18
Had to laugh during the study I did on Ruth the past few weeks.  After reading the verses where Naomi told Ruth to “wash, put on perfume and her best clothes” before heading to see Boaz, I journaled a challenge to do the same for my husband by the time he came home from work.  Our grandson had been here for nine days and I was a bit bedraggled. That particular day was cold and rainy, yet our grandson and a friend entertained themselves for hours engaging in outdoor nerf wars, fishing and swimming in the lake which was much warmer than the rain drizzled air.  Brrrr! Coming inside we opted for warm showers and our jammies.  Not quite the picture the Bible story had motivated me towards. (With our grandson here, it was not a sexy nighty I donned.)  Ah, maybe another day.

If you've never read Ruth, take the time to do so.  Such a good true story! So often in life we think "the story is over," but God is just getting started on making something new.  For believers, even death does not bring an end to our lives...the glorious life with Christ, the eternal life in heaven is just beginning.

"In Christ, there is no such thing as a story beyond redemption. There is only resurrection, restoration, and rejoicing...take a step back from whatever it is we are trying to control our way out of.  Instead of planning and building, let's sit in the promise of our Redeemer, believing that God is sovereign and His redemption is already ours."  She Reads Truth

"Praise the Lord, who has not left you without a family redeemer today."
Ruth 4:14

Are you in a pit today, seeing no way out or sensing you've reached the end of your story and you feel as if life has little value left?  Remember, you are the child of a King. A King who is always up to good and part of a never ending story!