Shelf the Self-Desire in Me

This magnificent bird living in our cove knows I'm amazing by him!
October 27

The 2AM wake up had occurred and I decided to pray myself back to sleep.  Prayer requests from three different study/prayer groups came to mind and I dug in.  In between, holiday plans, recipes, and winterizing chores came to mind and would interrupt the praying.  Recognizing I'd never acknowledge the Lord, beyond "Here's the list, Lord" I was embarrassed. With eyes still closed and my head lazily on my pillow, I approached Him in reverence inquiring what His purpose might have been in having me await in the stillness of the night.  I came with my own selfish desires, not considering Jesus might have had an agenda to whisper into my head in the quiet of the night.

Bless my hubby's heart, opening my laptop in bed I began to click away this message as a reminder of the need to constantly be dying to selfish desires.

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."  Philippians 1:21