Got caught cuddled up in bed, in my spiderman pjs, watching TV with these two.
Batman was the cameraman, but he won't allow me to post his photo,
because he wasn't wearing a mask and doesn't want to reveal his identity.
November 2
I've had a fun week of grandmothering in Nashville, but realized how quickly life changes.  Visits the first 5 years with these two fellows were all about packing in all we could during the day.  Now they are in school and the day starts putting one on the bus, dropping the other at pre-school, and then waiting for their return when the school day is over.  Those years flew by and the next five will bring more change as well.

Our whole nation is on pins and needles, as to the changes this next election will bring. I heard an excellent sermon, while in the car Sunday.  The preacher said while neither candidate may fill our desire for a God fearing, morally upstanding president we still need to exercise our right and RESPONSIBILITY as citizens to vote. He suggested to use three important issues as our guideline in our candidate selection if we want God's blessing on our nation.
Who will...
1) Have us stand strong as a supporter of Israel
2) Change laws to protect the unborn
3) Who will be most likely to select Supreme Court Judges whose decision align with biblical  principles.

 God reigns over our nation and he has a plan in place.  My guess is His plan is more about molding our hearts than giving us prosperity.  What if when looking at the election maps we saw more than red and blue.  What if the maps showed the percentages of people who love and fear God and desire to be holy? Then a step further, what if we saw the other side, those who don't know the Lord, and we were ignited into action to take the Gospel to the lost.

These things do not change.
"God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne."  Psalm 47:8

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."  Hebrews 13:8