Tell It

Out for a pancake breakfast and scheming up good times.

December 17-18
Lawsy, lawsy.  Tis' the season for making jolly and eating way too much good food.  I've had homemade Christmas cookies and candy for breakfast the past two days. It has to stop! 

Holiday planning!  Tis' a lot of work, but I think it's fun.  Blisters from hot glue guns, flour on the floor and sticky candy cane residue on door knobs and phones are part of the process. What we need to include in the festivities is time alone with Jesus and ways to bring him into our conversations as we gather with friends and family.

"Go tell it on mountain, over the hills and everywhere! Jesus Christ is born."

We have more news than that to spread.  We have the written Word exclaiming his birth, ministry, death and resurrection!  We have our own personal testimonies of how He came into our lives and how he guides, comforts and empowers us today. Do we tell it though?  I don't mean stand on the street corners and shout, but do the stories of Jesus show up in our everyday conversations.  

When we gather around a table to share a meal do we talk of how God is moving in our lives?  Are we excited to share a verse that has just spoken to us, or suggest a fabulous Bible study we've done.  Do we ask our friends, what has God been doing in your life lately?  Do our phones open to iTunes as we say...."Listen to these lyrics!"  

Are we as excited about sharing our living Lord as we are a new recipe or details of a fabulous vacation spot?  It's easy to type up these little devotionals each day, but will my mouth open to praise the Lord and tell of his goodness at the next dinner party or luncheon I attend?

"I will tell of the loving-kindness of God. I will praise him for all he has done.
I will rejoice in his great goodness to Israel, which he has granted in accordance
with his mercy and love."
Isaiah 63:7