Strutting Her Stuff

January 13
Henrietta shocked me when I saw her out in 28 degree weather, strutting her stuff in the cove before the snow started. There are not many people who would be dipping their toes into the lake these days.

Henrietta is one way God makes his presence known to me.  The way she stands on those skinny ole legs and then spreads those enormous wings are reminders of God's amazing ways. I know He does similar things for you.

He made his presence known on Monday in a couple other ways.  One of the details I was stressing over was a photographer for Saturday. The gentleman who usually helps us is having cataract surgery and has his plateful helping others.  The other friend who has done this just had baby #3 and moved further away.  I'm usually the photographer, but the plan is for me to enjoy this day with the kids and not be in "go mo."  So, I prayed for God to figure out that detail and the need for a baby sitter.

Moving on in my morning to Bible Study, I was cleaning out my notebook and came across the name and number of a gal I met at study the first of December.  I couldn't make out her last name, so I tried to Google it, knowing the town she lives in.  Are you ready for this.....she's a photographer and willing to come take pics. Blew me away.  Another friend from BSF, who is a very capable grandmother is going to baby sit for nine kids ages eight and under, while we have dinner upstairs.

Then last night my husband walks in the door with FOOD!  A grandparent at his school knew we were having this family gathering and she sent BBQ, slaw, potato salad, macaronis salad, and banana pudding!  Lunch tomorrow is covered!

Tuesday morning, after the blood pressure day, I opened my inbox and there was a friend request from a Fred Angela.  I went onto Facebook, but there were no friend requests there.
I put in Fred's name, but no one popped up.  Fred has to be the name of one of my Shiloh angels!
What a great reminder from God that there are angels all around.  Fred, my even be my escort to heaven. So glad for his reminder that he is my friend.

It gets better.  In the busyness of my mind yesterday, I never got to my Sarah Young, Jesus Always devotional reading.  Buckle up, for what I read blew me away.  God is so real, so present, just waiting to help us.

"I am your treasure! Sometimes you feel frazzled-pulled this way and that by people and circumstances around you.  Your yearning for meaning and deep connection drives you into more and more activity.  Even when you body is still, your mind tends to race-anticipating future problems and searching for solutions.   You need to remember that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Me...When you prize Me above all else, making Me your First Love, you are protected from feeling fragmented."

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.  he guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.  Psalm 23:2-3

Then I opened that day's entry, January 10.
"Beware of overthinking things-obsessing about unimportant matters. When your mind is idle, you tend to go into planning mode: attempting to figure things out and make various decisions before you really need to do so.  This is an unproductive way of trying to grasp control, and it's a waste of your precious time...There is a time for planning, but it's definitely not all the time-or even most of it.  Seek to live in the present moment, where My Presence awaits you continually. Refresh yourself in My nearness."

Well there you have it.  God's still working on me to make me what he wants me to be.
Don't forget to tell others about Him! He's the REAL DEAL!