It's Not About Us

April 21
Years ago, we were teaching in the youth department of a large church, a new youth pastor came onboard.  The hashtag he lived by was #it's all about Jesus.  At some point in our faith walks, the gears shift and we realize...this life journey is not about us, it's about what God wants to do with us.  The initial journey begins when we recognized we've been bought at a precious price...the price of Jesus' life.

Sarah Young so beautifully writes in the voice of Christ in Jesus Always,
"There is no condemnation for those who are in Me." I want you to enjoy the wonder of walking through your life as My follower-totally forgiven!  The best response to this wondrous gift is to live in gratitude, seeking to please Me above all else.  You don't need to do good things to secure My Love, because it's already yours. Just let your desire to please Me flow readily out of your grateful heart. Thanking Me frequently will help you stay close to Me, ready to follow wherever I lead."

Wait, what?  We aren't to initiate our walk and just ask You to bless it?  We are to follow Your lead?

Ha! This just made me think about walking with our grandchildren.  I bet they tire of my continual explanation of why they must hold my hand in a parking lot.  The explanation is that I am higher up than they are and a car can see me in their mirror and stop,  but there's a good possibility they would not be able to see a child who is so much lower!

Whoa.  God is higher up than we are. He sees all things.  He wants to hold our hands, keep us close, and lead us into a life that has eternal benefits, which we are not able to see.

"From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind."
Psalm 33:13
Yesterday, I began to fret over uncertainties...God immediately said, "Stop looking outward. Look upward!"  It's not about us and doing what appeals to us. It's about believing in our Creator and that he created us for a specific purpose. We must look to Him to discern that purpose.