Boxed In

The Human Hamster House
The Great Train Tunnel
He built a track that went all the way through the tunnel and backaround!

May 31
We are finding so much joy in building with boxes here at Shiloh!  Sometimes life has you feeling boxed in and praying for a way out.  The other night, struggling through a sleepless night I picked up a devotional and the topic for that day was "sleepless nights."  Really! I love You, Lord.  The suggestion was to switch out of worry gear into an attitude of gratitude. So, at 4AM I decided to take the alphabet and come up with areas of thanksgiving.

A- that I live in America
B-that I was a Burrows, my maiden name.
C-that I have children and a great church
D-that Deke is my husband
E-that I know where I will spend eternity
F- that my faith is a firm foundation and I have fabulous friends
G-that I have happy grandchildren
H-that I have a house
I- that I've experienced the joy of the ice cream boat on our lake!  Ha!
   Also, that God's Word instructs and that my husband is a man of integrity.
J- that Jesus died for my many sins.
K-that kisses are sweet
L-that I am loved and have reasons to laugh

I think by then I was back to sleep!
"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!"
1 Chronicles 16:34