Picture Perfect

Sometimes a picture says 1,000 words.
I love how our grand dog adores and guards our newest grandson.

What a reminder of how close Jesus is to us!

May 9
Part 2 of the Shark Tank Saga...
Psalm 124:8 and Philippians 4:6-7 had my attention, but I was still weary from the battle.
Brandon Heath’s song Your Love was playing in my mind, so I pulled it up to play on my phone. Oh the healing balm. Afterward listening to it four times,  I texted Brandon and told him how thankful I was for his ministry. He wrote me a sweet note and said he was heading in to write a song that very moment. 

My weekly BSF questions were completed, but I had not read the notes, Oh my goodness.  The part were Mary sees Jesus in the garden after his resurrection hit home. Suffering is to be expected.
“Jesus’ affection for Mary caused him to reveal Himself to her. She was among the first to see, talk and touch the resurrected Jesus.  But such a privilege always carries responsibility.  Jesus immediately gave Mary a task.  'Go and tell.'  
A Shared Commission-When you deliberately give the message of Jesus, you will share His sufferings as well as His Power and Presence.  Do not fuss over difficultiesbut rejoice.  He sends you with the same resources: prayer and the Holy Spirit.  He also promises you the eternal success, deep satisfaction and power to bless others that sustained Him….The Holy Spirit empowers believers to give the gospel call to repent, believe and receive forgiveness….The commission is the great privilege and solemn responsibility of every believer.
More affirmation followed from an individual who'd been a key element in the heartache which had been occurring. The words shared could not have been more meaningful or filled with any deeper love.  Again I was sobbing.  The training course was not complete though.
The chapter on gratitude/thanksgiving came in the form of  a message through  Jesus Always.

"Tell others about it. (What God has done.)  This blesses both them and you, and it pleases Me….I want you to linger in gratitude.  This is the most delightful place-where the Joy of My Presence shines warmly upon you.  You often pray fervently for something until you receive the answer you desire.  When I grant your request, you respond joyfully and thankfully.  But your tendency is to move on rather quickly to the next matter. I want you to remain for a while in an attitude of grateful Joy. Instead of experiencing only a short-lived burst of gratitude, let this pleasure flow freely into the future by training yourself to recall what I have done.  One way is to tell others about it.  This blesses both them and you, and it pleases Me….”  Jesus Always.

We have to slow life down enough to absorb the lessons that God is trying to teach us.
So when you are to the point of crying out, be sure to look in His Word and up as well!

While life may not look picture perfect to us right now, it will when we get to heaven.