June 12
This summer I'm leading a Bible Study called FaceTime-Seriously Seeking God.  The first week was on our Approach to God.  The dictionary defines approach as "Coming nearer or near to someone or something."  In order to know God we need to be intentional about being with Him.  The best place to learn about Him is in his Word.

Do you open your Bible everyday, expecting Him to speak?

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”   
Psalm 105:4

At our first gathering I shared how I worked for a private flying service one summer during my college years. In exchange for my secretarial/receptionist work they gave me flying lessons! It was awesome!  Take off and soaring through the skies of Virginia were exhilarating. Making the approach  back into the Roanoke airport which is encircled by mountains was the most difficult part with all those obstacles.  Every second mattered.

Saturday we were sitting on our dock. I heard a song that was not a boat engine and looked up to see a seaplane coming right for our dock!  It was so exciting!  Our whole cove was cheering when this plane turned right in front of out dock and took off!  Isn't that just like God to send me a reminder of my flying days and confirm the story I'd just shared.  I just love the Lord!  So personal!.

As we order our day and desire to spend time with the Lord, every moment matters.  You are obviously grabbing a morsel of God's Word right now!  Let me pray for you.

Father, You hold all the answers to life and eternity.  I pray for my friend right now as he/she takes a moment to grab a morsel of Your Word.  As he/she looks to You, seeking Your face, fill him/her with strength to face whatever today holds. Direct his/her path in a manner which will bring him/her a step closer to You and Your will for this day.  In Jesus' Name, Amen