October 15
Driving into the city today I passed a stretch of road
construction. Orange boundary cones lined the center
of the two lanes. The traffic was in the "right" lane while
the asphalt in the left lane was being chewed up for
resurfacing. I had been asking the Lord to show up and
tell me what to write today since I didn't have an
opportunity to write this morning. "Boundaries" came
screaming into my mind. Hmm, I was thankful those
cones were there keeping me from slipping over the
edge into that mess.
The repetitiveness of the cones was comforting, realizing
that when they disappeared the coast would be clear...
in the meantime the orange reminders were for my
God's Word is like a boundary cone...a subtle reminder
of what to avoid and where the safety zone lies!

God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough.
There are no boundaries to his greatness.
Psalm 145:3 (The Message)

Let's Pray: Be our Boundary Keeper God! Rope
off the areas we are to avoid Father; Your protection
is perfect. May we read "Keep Out" and praise You
as we "Keep On" in the faith. Help us understand
that Your discipline, instruction and reproof are for
our good. There is so much room to play with in the
boundaries You have set for our lives. In Jesus
Name, Amen