October 16
Week 5 Day 1 When God Speaks

Think! Circumstances are events that occur in
your life which God uses to speak clearly about
Himself, His purposes, and His ways. Jesus
explained that He did not come to earth to do
what makes sense to Him. Rather, Jesus watched
to see where His Father was working and
adjusted His life to become involved in that work.
The Spirit of God will impress upon your heart
when He wants you to join Him. Blackaby

Hmm, both peace and pressure can be used to
prod us towards God's purposes for us.

And we know that all things work together for
good to those how love God, to those who are
called according to His purpose. Rom. 8:28

Let's Pray: Circle around us Father, create those
boundaries we spoke of yesterday and open our
eyes to see that You are the God guiding the
circumstances of our lives. Circumstances which
reflect You, Your ways and Your purposes. The
joy will come Lord, I am confident, when we realize
life is not about us, life is about The Bread of Life...
our Jesus. Lift his name on high, don't hide it!
In His name we pray, Amen