Love the One You're With

October 17
Our bulldog nudged up to the side of our bed around
5:30, looking for love and some good scratches. I
began a drowsy prayer time. Now finally awake I am
trying to remember what the Lord had on my mind to
write. Immediately the song Love the One You're With
comes to mind. Since Jesus is always with us, that would
make sense. Song lyrics beginning with "That" seem to be
lurking in the back of my mind...could it be "That's the way,
uh huh, I like it." Good to remember, God does long our
fellowship and is always there loving us!

In Blackaby's study today he mentions the importance of
remembering "spiritual markers" in our lives. "Key moments
in your walk with God become spiritual markers and give a
sense of direction to your life." These are great teaching tools
for us and great reminders of the love the One with us has for
Blackaby states: "When I face a major decision, I review the
spiritual markers of my life.....when I clearly know God has
guided me. I do not take the next step without reviewing the
full activity of God in my life."

Let's Pray this poem:
Lord there are decisions for all of us to make this day,
but let us not rush to jump in the hay!
Before You we come,
discussing what should be done,
knowing all activity in our lives has repercussions
and should always reflect our love for Your Son!

We love You Lord and thank You for never leaving us
or forsaking, even when we fuss! In Jesus Name, Amen