I Am Watching

Oct. 7
Week Three Day 3/4 (Blackaby)
To encounter God in His Word...give us the clear
and unerring guidance we need for our lives.

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have
entered into the heart of man the things
which God has prepared for those who love
Him. 1 Co. 2:9

I took the afternoon off today, starving
to be alone with the Lord. I was so glad
I did that instead of coming home and
turning on the news and learning what the
market had done. Opening my journal, I read
You must be like people waiting for their master
to return from the wedding banquet, so that when
he comes and knocks, they can open the door for
him at once. Luke 12:36

There were two interesting questions that I pass
on and pose to you.
1) What keeps you must distracted from
awaiting Christ's return?
2) What are some very practical things you could be
doing to constantly remind yourself to be scanning
the skies, looking forward to His appearing?

I had an interesting thought process. When our
grandson arrives in November, I will be stopping
to call everyone and tell them of his arrival. When
Jesus returns, I don't think I will be able to take
my eyes off him to think of anyone else!

Let's Pray: Lord, of all the things we pray today,
may one of them be that You would help keep us
watchful and expectant of Your return. In Jesus'
Name, Amen