Prayer Talk

Oct. 9
Week 4 Day 1
Blackaby profoundly informs us that the purpose
of prayer is not to influence God, but to change us.
"Do you approach God expecting conversation?
Do you wait for Him to speak when you have
finished talking?"
Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show
you great and mighty things, which you do
not know. Jer. 33:3

Life doesn't get any more exciting than
that...hearing from God!

When I think of the things I waited for
patiently this week, I should go back and put
hearing from You at the top of the list. I waited
for: a pizza and chicken wings to cook; 15 minutes
for gas at the pumps; my students to take a quiz;
our dog to go potty; 50 emails to be answered; so
I should certainly have time to wait to hear from
You Lord!

Let's Pray: Here we are Father, sitting at your
feet, believing in who You are and in the
relationship that we have with You, thanks to
Jesus. Our "to do" list has been put aside and
hearing from You is top priority...we wait.
In Jesus Name, Amen