Oct. 6
Week Three Day Two
I've never been a soap opera watcher, but my
grandmother was. I remember, it may still exist,
a show called The Guiding Light. We have the very
same "Guide" on which Jesus relied. Blackaby says:
Jesus modeled for us the way each believer should love
before God. From birth to death, Jesus allowed Scripture
to shape and guide his ministry.
Think about it...He battled temptation with Scripture;
His Sermon on the Mount is filled with Scripture; He
responded to critics with Scripture; even His death fulfilled

Let's Pray that this week we will feed upon the Word before
we take in anything else. Before the news, before breakfast,
before checking email. It may mean keeping some
Scripture cards by the bed and meditating on a verse before
we roll out of bed. Let's pray that each of our lives will
be changed this week as the Word comes alive in us.