Some Days....

Some Days are Better Than Others
Oct. 11-12
Call upon Me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you shall
glorify Me. Psalm 50:15

My students were on an all day science field trip,
so I had the day off. The students headed off by
boat from our home, so I invited one of the moms
to come inside and pray. We shared and prayed
for over 2 hours! It was awesome. My husband had
an out of town speaking engagement, so I was
late doing the weekend grocery shopping tonight. One
of our pastors encouraged us last week to just pick
up the tab for someone, sometime, for no reason
at all. The grocery store was packed. A young man
came up behind me and sat his two items right next
to my groceries. I instinctively grabbed for the
divider rod. He said, "You don't want my Wood Chuck?"
I had no idea what he meant and replied, "I am happy
to pay for your groceries." He said, "You don't have to
do that." I explained it would make me very happy.
He said, "So this means then I have to go do something
nice for someone?" I smiled. Then he flashed his ID
at the check out girl. I looked at her and inquired....
Did I just buy this young man alcohol? She smiled and
said, "He is old enough." The fellow said, "It's ok, it is just
cider." Now what are the odds I decide to do the kind deed
thing and end up purchasing alcohol? The evening worsened
as our microwave exploded and I couldn't zap my dinner, then
I was three hours into a huge cleaning project and was
vacuuming in my bathroom when I vacuumed my favorite string
of pearls up with the central vacuum. Now my pearls are
somewhere within the walls of our home, they didn't make
it through the whole system.
I called my husband to share my dilemma...his response was..
"Just go to bed."

Let's Pray: Lord, some days are better than others, but all
days are tolerable because Jesus is there for the ride! I am so
thankful I have you to crawl into bed with Lord...You are my
comfort, my peace and more precious than pearls.
In Jesus Name, Amen