We Make a Difference

October 30
When tempted, no one should say, "God
is tempting me." For God cannot be tempted

by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each
one is tempted when, by his own evil desire,
he is dragged away and enticed. Then after
desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and
sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.
James 1:13-15Check Spelling

John Piper lists 12 Sins We Blame On Others
1) Anger
I wouldn’t lose my temper if my co-workers were
easier to get along with, or if my kids behaved better,
or if my spouse were more considerate.
2) Impatience
I would be a very patient person if it weren’t for traffic
jams and long lines in the grocery store. If I didn’t have
so many things to do, and if the people around me
weren’t so slow, I would never become impatient!
3) Lust
I would have a pure mind if there weren’t so many
sensual images in our culture.
4) Anxiety
I wouldn’t worry about the future if my life were
just a little more secure—if I had more money,
and no health problems.
5) Spiritual Apathy
My spiritual life would be so much more vibrant
and I would struggle with sin less if my small group
were more encouraging, or if Sunday school were
more engaging, or if the music in the worship service
were more lively, or if the sermons were better.
6) Insubordination
If my parents/bosses/elders were godly leaders,
then I would joyfully follow them.
7) A Critical Spirit
It’s not my fault that the people around me are
ignorant and inexperienced.
8) Bitterness
If you knew what that person did to me, you would
understand my bitterness. How could I forgive
something like that?
9) Gluttony
My wife/husband/roommate/friend is a wonderful
cook! The things they make are impossible to resist.
10) Gossip
It’s the people around me who start the conversations.
There’s no way to avoid hearing what others happen to
say. And when others ask me questions, I can’t avoid
sharing what I know.
11) Self-Pity
I’ll never be happy, because my marriage/family/job/
ministry is so difficult.
12) Selfishness
I would be more generous if we had more money.

Hmm, one of the names of God is El Roi, the God who
sees. He sees the truth. Yesterday, my husband and I
were visiting his 89 year old aunt, who lives in a nursing
home. She was asking about the new school. Excitedly, I
shared how refreshing it is to be able to pray with these
children and teach from the Bible. Years ago she worked
at the same private school my husband worked for 20 years.
Eight years ago a Head Master came on the scene who
forbid the use of prayer. He wouldn't allow FCA, Moms in
Touch, or Young Life to step foot on the campus. The
students no longer said the Pledge of Allegiance. Then it
hit me....I taught at that same school thirty years ago and
we opened the day with The Pledge, a scripture reading,
and prayer. There was even weekly chapel. Over the
year, the masses were non-responsive to uphold the
right to do these things and a few lone voices changed
the tide...not just at this one small school....across our
nation. We need revival in this land. God's people
need to be heard. We need to pray that all God's
people will speak on Tuesday and not be lazy
and blame others for what this nation has become.
We do make a difference.

Let's Pray: El Roi, You see all and there is great
need. Keep us from our sinful ways and focused
on Your purposes. In Jesus Name, Amen