Choose to Rejoice

July 6

I am rejoicing because I just realized it is Tuesday and not Wednesday!
Elation sets in when I gain a day!

Let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God.
Psalm 68:3

I have trusted in Your mercy; my heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.
Psalm 13:5

We have some friends who have just received devastating news about their father's health. The whole family was vacationing on the lake and the father/grandfather had to leave to go home for a doctor to go over scan results. Even after receiving news which has their hearts heavy, the children and grandchildren headed out on the lake and enjoyed their final day. Watching them tube, jet ski and swim staying close to one another my heart was so encouraged to see their strength is in the Lord.
While their faces had been filled with tears on Sunday as they shared their fears, it was obvious they were trusting in the Lord as they chose joy!

Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You.
Psalm 5:11

Each day holds it troubles, but in every moment we can choose as well to rejoice in the joy of our salvation. We gathered around our friend Sunday and laid hands upon him as we prayed. As I thought about the faces of his adoring wife, two sons, two daughter in laws, and eight gorgeous grandchildren I thought..."How rich with love this man's life is." Yes, he has a rough road ahead of him, but he has blessings surrounding him that give him the ability to rejoice.

Let's stop and count of blessings right now and rejoice.