Great Finds

July 24-25

Once again we are in "at home wedding mode" as well as helping another child move, so I find myself scouring the shelves of TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Target. I've had some friends helping me look for specific products. I even had a stranger approach me in the Greensboro TJ Maxx after looking in my cart and ask, "What are you planning?" A few minutes later she came up to me again and had some candles she thought would go well with my color scheme. Handing me her card she exclaimed, "I love to look for things in TJ Maxx. Call me and I will keep my eye out for you." Telling her I lived out of state didn't seem to phase her excitement to be part of the search! Elation set in today when a girlfriend called from Atlanta and had found the paper napkins for my son's rehearsal dinner.

There is a thrill of satisfaction which comes with finding what you are searching it the perfect house, car or a pack of napkins. Oh, I remember well the Christmas of the Cabbage Patch doll. I had friends on the hunt from Virginia to Florida.

Jesus is a great find! God created us with void causing us to seek Him out. The things of this world are an easy find, but not fulfilling. When we find Christ, the houses, cars, and napkins of this world pale in comparison with love which overflows in relationship with Him.

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.