July 9

Looking out the window I longed to be down on the dock with a girlfriend who had come by so her grandchildren could swim. Two loads of laundry lingered on the table waiting to be folded and more stared at me from their baskets needing to be suds upped, my grocery store run had not been attempted, plus after several phone calls (I did iron through these) and feeding the neighbor's cat I hadn't done my Bible study. I grabbed a piece of Chili chocolate (yum) and contemplated my situation.

"Priorities, prayer and purpose," came to mind.
Yup, that sounds like a God thing.

My purpose in life is doing the will of my Father and this can only be revealed when He is my first priority and I am seeking Him through prayer. Sticking a load of wash in, I picked up my Bible study and exhilaration arrived as God washed me up with his Word.

I highly recommend Sharon Jaynes' study...The Power of a Woman's Words.
Get the companion workbook and study guide. God's correction is so gentle and loving. Yesterday's chapter was on the power of a woman's words to her husband.
Sarah, Eve and Job's wife all used words which were less than encouraging to their husbands. The book lists 25 things to never say and 25 things your husband longs to hear. (No..."I have a head ache", nor "Let's get it on" are not on there.)

The words we speak have so much power and what we put into our minds, as well as with whom we choose to fellowship, has so much influence over what comes out of our minds.

The joy of the Lord brings me peace!
Exalt the Lord our God. And worship at His footstool-He is holy. Psalm 99:5

Father, You created our mouths. May all that flows out of them today cover others with hope, love and a longing to know you more. In Jesus' name, Amen