Fruity Visual

October 20

Traipsing off this morning to that all familiar passage of Galatians 5:22-23 and the fruit of the Spirit, brought about an interesting exercise initiated by the Spirit. My drawing abilities are limited, but I was to draw a human figure. The questioned posed in my mind was: "What percentage of these spiritual gifts (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) fill you up today?"
Hmm. I wasn't sure if I was to make a colored pie chart of percentages, use a red pen and fill in the body image I had drawn to see what percentage of me was spirit-filled, or what? Instead I drew lines to parts of the body in which I could choose to utilize these gifts today.
Love- in my heart for Christ and others
Joy- to come out of my mouth in the form of praise and encouraging others
Peace- in my mind because I know who holds today and is in control.
Patience- this could have gone with my heart, mouth, mind, but since they were already taken I put that word on my shoulders as a reminder to choose to relax and be patient. My stomach would have worked as well as it often takes on my stresses.
Kindness- was on one hand and Goodness/Generosity on the other as they apply to acts of service which I can perform for others.
Faithfulness- first I put it by my ear, so that I would be faithful to hear the Word of God, then I added it to my feet to remind me to be faithful in my walk.
Gentleness- I put this word by my arms as a reminder to gently rock those who are fragile
Self-control-again a great one for my mouth, but I put it by my eyes and prayed for self-control not only in what I allow my eyes to see, but in how I see things asking the Lord for self-control from seeing and reacting to things as the enemy would desire me to do.

Lord, what an amazing gift giver you are. When you gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit it was as if we received one of those fancy, tall tool storage units with every drawer full of useful tools. Sometimes a gift has only one purpose, but the Spirit is so much more. He is truth, teacher, comforter, convictor, an ever present guide. Forgive us when we struggle alone on our own not taking advantage of the gift given to us. May we welcome the Spirit into our lives today and be transformed. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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