He Knows the Routine

October 27

While putting on my shoes, Moses rose to his feet. Walking into my bedroom to grab my purse caused him to turn 360's. The final straw which puts him over the top and has him rushing to the door, spinning circles the whole time, is when I pick up the car keys. Moses knows my out the door routine, the cues that signal my departure.

Do you have distinct routines your neighbors recognize? Up early an out for a run each morning, regular carpools or play groups for your children. Maybe you are a sports mom on the run. Are you seen Sunday morning heading off to church, Wednesday night not home until 8:00 because of a prayer service, maybe a routine group of friends who come over for Bible study? The patterns of our lives say a lot about us.

Often our schedules and routines keep us from freely going with the Father and experiencing the Great Adventure. Wasn't there a hymn that had the lyric...where You lead I will follow? Routines and commitments are good things, but the best thing is obedience to the Father, even when it takes us off the beaten path.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you and watch over you.
Psalm 32:8

Let's Pray:
Have Your own way Lord, have Your own way. Poke us and prod us this very day.
Don't let us miss out on your best, because we're too busy or taking a rest!
We love you Lord, In Jesus' Name...Get 'er done today! Bring on the glory!