They Better Be Nice to Me

October 1

Knowing the mess things are in here wedding prep wise, after two days of torrential down pours, my precious neighbor came to steal me away for a little reprieve. She has the coziest leather couch, which my body melted down into. Her grandson had stopped by to have his grandmother help him find a suit to wear to the homecoming dance this weekend. His grandfather died over a year ago, but his clothes still hang in his closet. What a sweet moment I got to share in and how thrilled that grandfather would have been to see this young man in his suit! Oh, we must savor those moments which fill our hearts with joy.

We were sitting by her fireplace telling tales of years past. I shared a story of how I had given my all to make something happen for someone and said to my husband...."And they better be nice to me!" When I said that I immediately thought of what Christ did for us and how easy it would have been to turn to his Father and say, "I've given my life for them. They better be nice to me."
And in a soft spoken voice my neighbor replied, "But people weren't and still aren't nice to Jesus."

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." Matthew 22:37
Ha, it goes on to say, Love your neighbor as yourself! Thanks to all my neighbors, near and far, who are standing by us as we prepare for this time of celebration with our son.