October 22

My prayer journal for this day begins..Holy Spirit, please begin working a new in my life in a powerful way. I surrender all. Change the way I think and live.
Turn my annoyances to compassion.
Turn the compassion into prayer time.
Turn prayer time into equipping me through the Spirit to do your will.
Next He laid three people on my heart who want nothing to do with the Lord. His explanation: "They feel a walk with Christ is not socially acceptable in their circles and is threatening to their worldly friendships in which they find fulfillment."
"Oh, Father," I replied, "show me how to love them."
His suggestion: "Take time to listen and not talk. The sweetness of Christ needs to dissolve in their lives like sugar in hot tea. Do not come across as threatening, but exemplify honest, urgent love. Feel like a warm blanket on a winter's day, not a measuring stick for them to live up to and remember... every one needs a little laughter in their life."

I anticipated contact with these people and an opportunity to act. Instead God's work for me was in very unsuspected places with total strangers.

Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you
. Joshua 3:5