Look closely at the planter in the right hand corner behind the chairs.

This is what Mama Duck was sitting on.
Off she flew,
unable to look back at what could have been the ill fate of her babies.
May 2
My son and I went down to clean out some large planters on our dock to ready them for new spring plantings. Nearing the planter, he feared it held a dead duck...a few steps more and Mama Duck flapped her wings and quacked continuously. "Definitely not dead and definitely not happy," were the immediate thoughts of my assistant! Laughter rolled out of me as I heard my husband and son talking as if they were friends of the mother duck...."We told you that location looked too good to be true!"
We had a group of women coming that day to walk the scripture trails and have Bible study on the dock and I had really wanted to have it spruced up, but being in grandmother mode I could not bring myself to disrupt this happy home. Now in addition to awaiting the arrival of our first granddaughter this week, I am watching for several ducklings to hatch!
(Joanie, don't you be coming by on that jet ski, giving them a fright!)
Romans 12:18 says:
If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men...(and God's critters).