What We Dwell On

Be devoted to one another in love. Romans 12:10
May 24
Lakescapes Nursery, in Union Hall, VA is one of those "feel good" places. The pottery, fountains and plants are soothing sights that immediately lower your blood pressure. The owners and staff are the most upbeat, sweet spirited, delightful people, who greet you with a smile and a kind word. Even, CJ, the dog pictured above, makes you feel welcome. CJ came to visit Moses (our bulldog) yesterday. While they were swimming, (Moses was just having a soak, while CJ swam laps around him) I told CJ's master, "CJ has such a good life!" His heart warming response is so true. "We all do, we just tend to dwell on the problems." So true.

This morning I picked up Peter M. Lord's book "Bless and be Blessed-How Your Words Can Make a Difference." Watch for highlights from this book, under the sub-category "Blessed" here on the blog. Also, check out the song I posted today under "Hear Ye Hear Ye" called This is the Stuff that Drives Me Crazy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7vR2Bx4nLU
With a focus on "blessings" This Sunday at Shiloh we will have a special time of speaking a blessing over the children. Hope you can join us.