Lessons are Pouring Forth

May 1

One of our daughters called on my father's birthday to just love on me and listen to my tears.  She said, "Isn't there someone you could be with today? Are you going to Roanoke?"  I explained the weather was horrendous with terrible storm warnings and I thought I was really meant to be with God. I told her truthfully in the sorrowful state I was hearing God over and over again.

I had gotten out some paint to do some touch ups on walls where the grandchildren had left their marks and also to test a color for a stairwell gallery to display some of this daughter's art work.  Sitting on the top stair I noticed a piece of shoe molding had come loose and it appeared one of my tapestry needles had fallen down in a crevice.  There was such a spiritual lesson in what followed next.  I set forth in a valieant recovery effort for this little instrument.  Taking off the shoe molding I attempted to snag the needle with a knife. That wasn't working well and I was wishing I had a magnet.  Even though the weather was awful, I contemplated going to the hardware store to BUY a magnet. (Which by the way would cost more than the tapestry needle.)  Diligently, I continued to try to snag the tiny piece of metal with my steak knife and success came forth, but it wasn't a tapestry needle. It was a random piece of metal of no apparent use.  There was lots of JUNK in that crevice surrounding it...dust, old Moses hair, paint chips, etc. And the lesson poured forth.
How often do we see people seeking for something they think of is value?  Maybe we ourselves did this for a long time.  We bypassed Christ and his "free gift" for various reasons and were willing to taste of anything else. We waded through a lot of junk striving for something that in the end was of little value compared to the riches found in Christ.
Praise God, we live (for now) in a country where the Bible is readily available online, in most every bookstore, and in most church pews.  The only digging we need to do is within the pages of this great book.  Love, freedom, forgiveness, truth, wisdom, comfort, peace, knowledge, understanding and grace will jump off those pages into our hearts if ask Jesus into our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to be our magnet to pull these gifts from the pages into our lives.