Memorial Day

May 26
Check list; The table cloths, the picnic basket, a cooler of ice, sunscreen and beach towels. Pick up the chicken, the chips and the watermelon.  Be sure we have enough cash for ice cream later.  It's a holiday!

I wonder how many people would know the root history of Memorial Day if they were stopped on the streets and asked.  Will we talk about it to our children and grandchildren today?  If a flag is flown at our home what will be our explanation.  Here comes my 2014 word intentional again.  How intentional will I be with how I honor this day.
After a bit of Google research this morning I learned this event originated on May 5, 1868 (three years after the Civil War) and was called Decoration Day.  It represented a time for the nation to reflect on the lives of those who had given their lives by placing flowers on their graves.  In 1971 Congress declared Memorial Day to be a national holiday which would be held on the last  Monday in May and would honor all soldiers who had died in the nation's wars.  The nation is supposed to stop at 3PM and remember those who have given their lives in service to our country.

While I've prayed several prayers for the families of servicemen who have died (our son and four men whom I love like sons are serving now or have served recently and called for prayer), I have never personally attended the funeral for someone who lost their life while serving.   Yet, here I sit reaping the benefits of living in a nation protected by a mighty military.

Let's intentionally choose to dedicate a time of prayer this Memorial Day to the families of those longing for those they have lost.  Below is a beautiful song set to photographs.

You all know my nutty "love Jesus" mind.  Is their a Disciples Day?   Is there a day the Christian community remembers those who lost their lives for our faith?