Your Sins will Find you Out

Thanks for the shorts, Braydon.
May 29
Most of you know I have some rather aggravating back issues.  Mulching isn't one of the best activities for me, but presently my hubby is ailing more than I am.  It takes about 8 pick up loads of mulch to spruce up Shiloh and we've slowing been chipping away at the project. I was strictly instructed to not lift a pitchfork while my man was a at work, but temptation and disobedience got the best of me.  

The plan was to unload a whole truck full, head up the road, get another load, and put the truck back in it's place.  About 6 shovelfuls were left in the truck before lunch time, when my husband VERY unexpectedly pulled into the driveway.  He gave me a glare and said, "Your sins will find you out."  Immediately, a childhood occurrence flashed back.

My grandmother lived about 5 houses away, but across a very curvy,  busy, street, which I was not allowed to cross.  The day before I'd been at her house and she had a delicious chocolate cake.  That particular afternoon my mother was out and I decided it was worth the risk to go see my grandmother and get a piece of that cake.  Cutting through the five yards, I made it to my grandmother's driveway and as I was waiting to make the mad dash, when down the road drove my mother and grandmother.  Caught in the act, when I got home, my pants were pulled down and I was spanked with the back of a clear, blue, plastic, hair brush.  I never attempted to cross that road again.  

But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the Lord;
and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.
Numbers 32:23 

End of the story…he forgave me and let me mulch a little more last night!  :-)