49 Commands

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August 15
Channel surfing, my husband lingered on a local church program.  A panel discussion was taking place and the topic was teenagers leaving the church.  One woman deduced the problem was that we teach our children Bible stories (Noah and the Ark, Moses in a Basket, David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions' Den), but we fail to teach them who God is and the promises he has for them.  I went Internet surfing and before God's promises popped up, these 49 General Commands of Christ appeared and caught my interest.

A dilemma followed.  While the content was excellent, I recognized the author of the article and knew he had recently been accused of stumbling in the area of sexual inappropriateness.   The accusation was not for anything physical, but some other sort of conduct.  So my dilemma…Do I post something from a minister accused of sin?  I opted, "Yes" for these reasons.
1) What he has to say is purely scriptural.
2) I sin everyday and still  hope the Lord can use me.
3) God is in the restoration business.  He certainly continued to use David after he repented and turned 
    back to the Lord.
Printing these off, I've found the chart to be a great guideline on how to walk with Jesus.


49 General Commands of Christ

What are 49 Ways to Love God and Others?

The theme of all Scripture is to love God with all of our hearts and to love one another. (See Matthew 22:40 and John 13:34.)
  1. Repent—Matthew 4:17Humility
  2. Follow Me—Matthew 4:19Meekness
  3. Rejoice—Matthew 5:12Joyfulness
  4. Let Your Light Shine—Matthew 5:16Generosity
  5. Honor God’s Law—Matthew 5:17–18Love
  6. Be Reconciled—Matthew 5:24–25Responsibility
  7. Do Not Commit Adultery—Matthew 5:29–30Self-Control
  8. Keep Your Word—Matthew 5:37Truthfulness
  9. Go the Second Mile—Matthew 5:38–42Deference
  10. Love Your Enemies—Matthew 5:44Creativity
  11. Be Perfect—Matthew 5:48Sincerity
  12. Practice Secret Disciplines—Matthew 6:1–18Faith
  13. Lay Up Treasures—Matthew 6:19–21Thriftiness
  14. Seek God’s Kingdom—Matthew 6:33Initiative
  15. Judge Not—Matthew 7:1Discernment
  16. Do Not Cast Pearls—Matthew 7:6Discretion
  17. Ask, Seek, and Knock—Matthew 7:7–8Resourcefulness
  18. Do Unto Others—Matthew 7:12Sensitivity
  19. Choose the Narrow Way—Matthew 7:13–14Decisiveness
  20. Beware of False Prophets—Matthew 7:15Alertness
  21. Pray For Laborers—Matthew 9:38Compassion
  22. Be Wise as Serpents—Matthew 10:16Wisdom
  23. Fear God, Not Man—Matthew 10:26Boldness
  24. Hear God’s Voice—Matthew 11:15Attentiveness
  25. Take My Yoke—Matthew 11:29Obedience
  26. Honor Your Parents—Matthew 15:4Honor/Reverence
  27. Beware of Leaven—Matthew 16:6Virtue
  28. Deny Yourself—Luke 9:23Determination
  29. Despise Not Little Ones—Matthew 18:10Tolerance
  30. Go to Offenders—Matthew 18:15Justice
  31. Beware of Covetousness—Luke 12:15Contentment
  32. Forgive Offenders—Matthew 18:21–22Forgiveness
  33. Honor Marriage—Matthew 19:6Loyalty
  34. Be a Servant—Matthew 20:26–28Availability
  35. Be a House of Prayer—Matthew 21:13Persuasiveness
  36. Ask in Faith—Matthew 21:21–22Patience
  37. Bring in the Poor—Luke 14:12–14Hospitality
  38. Render to Caesar—Matthew 22:19–21Gratefulness
  39. Love the Lord—Matthew 22:37–38Enthusiasm
  40. Love Your Neighbor—Matthew 22:39Gentleness
  41. Await My Return—Matthew 24:42–44Punctuality
  42. Take, Eat, and Drink—Matthew 26:26–27Thoroughness
  43. Be Born Again—John 3:7Security
  44. Keep My Commandments—John 14:15Diligence
  45. Watch and Pray—Matthew 26:41Endurance
  46. Feed My Sheep—John 21:15–16Dependability
  47. Baptize My Disciples—Matthew 28:19Cautiousness
  48. Receive God’s Power—Luke 24:49Orderliness
  49. Make Disciples—Matthew 28:20Flexibility