It Will Happen

I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.
Acts 27:25
August 23-24
Picking up Streams in the Desert on August 17th, I marveled at a story on those pages about a journey George Mueller was taking aboard a ship.  He went to the sea captain and explained it was necessary he reach port by a specific time. The sea captain replied there was no possible way because of the dense  fog.  At that point, in the captain's presence, George Mueller stated:

"My eye is not on the dense fog, but on the living God who controls all circumstances of my life."
Next he prayed a simple prayer and told the sea captain to go outside and check the weather.
The fog was GONE!

Do we pray BELIEVING…it (God's will) will happen!

If our love were just more simple. we would take Him at His word;
and our lives would be all sunshine, in the sweetness of our Lord. 
(Not sure who wrote this.)

What can you pray right now in the name of Jesus and believe by faith you will see come to fruition?

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