Life's Little Reminders

August 21
There are so many Bible translations available to us.  I saw a reference to The Voice translation. That was a new one to me, but this particular verse in that translation really sank in well.  It is the 3rd time this week (and it's only Wednesday) that the command Listen has jumped up and grabbed me.  Guess I better put my ears on, as I used to tell our children.

“Listen, open your ears, harness your desire to speak, 
and don’t get worked up into a rage so easily, 
my brothers and sisters” 
(James 1:19, The Voice).

What an excellent self-check verse.
1) Listen, open your ears.  (Shut your mouth).
2) Harness your desire to speak. (Ha, bite your tongue.)
3) Don't get worked up into a rage so easily.  (Cool your jets.)

Whew, sisters loved by God, my guess is we are going to face each of these temptations in the next week.  I wish as a twelve year old, I had been given these three tips on a business card to carry with me at all times as a life reminder and survival guide!

God's Word is filled with so much wisdom. He truly has our best interest at heart.  His discipline and advice are for our good.  Walking with a friend yesterday we touched on the topic of discipline and  how children long for boundaries.  She said her mother had been one to let her do whatever she wanted to do.  "I longed for her to say "no" to me,"the friend shared.  For in that "no" was love, concern and a true interest in shaping her daughter's life.