Our newest granddaughter!  10 weeks old.
August 17
A happy heart makes the face cheerful.
Proverbs 15:13

Laughter is good for the soul and my husband is always making me laugh.  Yesterday was a double hitter.  Right back at cha.  We were driving home from a romantic family wedding weekend in Charlottesville, VA.  Looking at him I began showering him with accolades. 
I love just being with you.
I love how comfortable I am with you. 
I love the way you protect me.  
I love the way you make me laugh.
Then I said, "I love the way you love me…most of the time." 
Well, that last phrase cracked him up.  M.O.T.T. (most of the time) is going to be added to his famous list of acronyms.  It works best in a low whisper after your compliment.

I love the way you cook…shhhh…most of the time.
I love being with you…most of the time.

We were both laughing so hard!  He added,  "The only time M.O.T.T. won't work is when it comes to Jesus' love, for he loves us ALL THE TIME."