Senior Day…

Senior Day at Shiloh
 Christian Heritage Academy Class of 2015

The Head Dude (as the Andrews boys call him)

August 29
Living in a resort retirement community, Senior Day at Shiloh, would have more of a geriatric ring to it than a bunch of 17-18 year olds running around!  My husband is The Head of a nearby Christian school and we started a tradition of having the seniors to our home for a bonding day, the first week of school.  The temperature was in the 90's, the sun was shining bright and spirits were high!
The students arrived and got to listen to my husband and me be a bit nostalgic in our sharing, which always ends up with me teary eyed. Looking at these precious lives, knowing a little bit of the challenges and heart ache they have already faced, as well as all that lies ahead, I can't help but have a heart full of emotion.
Watching them walk the scripture trails, I prayed God's Word would penetrate their hearts and stay there forever.

Stop and pray for the students in our nation.  Pray they will come to know truth and desire to be one nation under God!