It's Me

September 18
Betty Ashton has told me that outside this hospital, St. Thomas, is a HUGE banner which reads....
Nothing is impossible with God!
The head of the stroke department has counseled me it is important to journal daily, so as to not grow weary or become frustrated in this recovery process.  The occupational therapists says typing will be really helpful. Honestly, these three sentences have worn me out, but I will type what has been my repeat verse the past four days...
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight.

A quick recall for me of the progress so far and a thanks to all the encouragers.  I'm learning what a key factor this is in this process.
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

9/14 - Flat on my back, paralyzed on my left side and slurred speech.
By My Side- Amazing EMS team.  I can't wait to take them lunch!
                   Jesus and Betty Ashton, ER Nurse Nicole, Dr. LaFranchise & stroke specialist, Deborah.
                   I want all these people to be my forever friends.
                   Thank You Lord, for filling me with your Holy Spirit and allowing me to pray over
                   Nurse Nicole and for her daughter, Lucy.
9/15-  Able to wiggle toes and fingers, yet set back with severe nausea and headaches.
          Begging Jesus to take me home to heaven.
By My Side- Jesus, Betty Ashton, Pop, Braydon  ICU Nurses Molly and Jennifer
         Molly gets married December 5th in Manhattan and Jennifer, November 6th in Nashville
         Betty Ashton, Braydon and Pop begin to read the prayers, texts and Facebook postings to me.
         We all weep together.
         Made friends with housekeeper, (we laughed together, after I asked her her name and she LaDressa , like your dresser where you keep your clothes!)  I asked her if she loved Jesus, Yup, she has become my forever friend.
Pop (Deke) has slept beside me every night in a bed chair!

9/16- Able to move left arm and lift left leg slightly. I think this was the evening they got me in a chair, then physical therapy made their first attempt that night for me to walk. So humbling and I think this is when I recognized the battle ahead.  My leg would not move forward. My left foot turned inward.  Deborah, whose passion is stroke recovery, came in to educate us all. We will never forget her. We all wept again.
By My Side- JC, BA, Pop, Braydon and Jackson Nurses Jennifer and Tim
A huge thanks to my daughter in laws Jenna and Mallory for sending their husbands to cheer on their mama.  Jenna also sent photos of the grands for me to have to "show off."  Brilliant idea!

9/17-Made it out of ICU and onto the euro-floor.  Was able to walk with a walker that morning!
       Could lift my left arm up high. Saw myself in mirror for first time and realized the left side of my face didn't work.  Tried solid food and bit my tongue and inside of left check.  Also realized the right words didn't always come out...Asked Deke to do my puckets.  Then said, "There's no such thing as puckets is there?" I meant the snaps on my hospital gown.  Speech is getting better, but still tough to form some words.
Met Cheri, the most amazing Occupational therapist.  She strapped a belt around me, walked me down the hall to the therapy gym and told me how important it was to get me to a rehab soon.  She called the Physical Therapist, Gina, and asked her to work with me that afternoon. Reality check #2
Hard work ahead.  She unleashed me from the belt and let me stumble, but then told me the exercises she had put me through were advanced.

Well, this has brought back my headaches and the nurse has just come in and suggested I take a time out....To be continued.