Look, Listen, Think

September 18-19
(Warning! Words don't alway work just right in my brain. Deke says he better proof these entries.)
The clock is still ticking slowly and the days and nights seem so long.  Last night was a struggle. I felt like my body was having a difficult time adjusting to all that is happening to it.  My arms and legs are moving, my face, speech, eyes and balance have some catching up to do.  I have to listen to the doctors and therapists and remember this recovery will take time.

I will miss my stroke team at St. Thomas Nashville so much as I make the move to rehab. Cheri, my Occupational therapist  and I have exchanged information and are going out to lunch in Nashville some day soon.  To have someone like that one your team, genuinely carrying and encouraging you is a gift.

The move to rehab was devastating  (the uncontrollable emotions that accompany post stroke life, make lots of things seem devastating). I had a meltdown after those first few hours here and was moments from dragging myself out.  The problem was it being done on a Friday afternoon.  I was wheeled into St Thomas Mid-town, rolled into a room and told there will be alarms on the bed and chair and I'm never to attempt getting up without a staff person.  Then I was left to ponder that for the next five hours.  Deke and Betty Ashton have stayed close to my side, but the reality of this situation keeps sinking in slowly.  The verse God has on Biblegateway was perfect preparation for my rehab stay.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.  Philippians 2;3-4

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me to be all God intends for me to be in this place.
I asked Betty Ashton to read me a devotional that popped up yesterday by Liz Curtis Higgs. The lesson was on humility and the life application was to "Look, Listen and Think."  Pretty good advice for me right now.

We laughed after my admittance interrogation by the charge nurse...she inquired. Is there anything else we need to know about you...like to you not like men as part of your care?  Anything that would help us understand you better?  I simply said, "I love Jesus!"  Deke said, "She had no idea what to do with that one!"

Than you, thank you for your prayers. We know it is God's mercy and your prayers that have seen me this far   Pray for Deke and Betty Ashton as caregivers. Deke leaves Sunday to return to VA. Jiewon and Jordon are next in line to come give Betty Ashton a little reprieve.  Talk about a spirit filled person...if I ever grow up I want to be like Betty Ashton.
Pray I will look at those around me, listen to the needs of their hearts and be able to think and find the right words to express to them how much Jesus loves them.

By My Side-Jesus, Deke, BettyAshton, Lana, Judy and Mary.
                     N-Sandi, Rita PT-Debbie (SML) OT-David/Rebecca ST- Teresa Dr. Bomboy