Not a stroke of luck

September 14-16
*written by BettyAshton

But maybe a stroke of genius?  As I was trying to think of a stroke pun for the title (Pop has given us a steady line of them)  I kept realizing that, actually..maybe this is a stroke of genius.  We know that situations like this are often about more than the event itself and God is in control.  We are excited to see what things will come out of this that only a genius God could design.

Monday afternoon Mama Boo arrived in Nashville to be an extra set of hands while my husband was out of town this week.  She was playing with the boys upstairs while I was downstairs getting dinner ready.  I heard her calmly call to me and say she needed me.  I assumed one of my boys was up to no good ;-0  When I got upstairs she was laying on the ground on her back.  I immediately assumed her back had gone out.  As I asked her what was wrong she had a hard time articulating what the problem was.  She just kept asking me to pray and saying that something was wrong.  After a minute or so I realized that she was not able to move her left side and she was having a hard time communicating.  At this point I called 911.  The ambulance and Fire truck arrived quickly and we tried to make it seem like that was a normal fun surprise for my boys.  Harrison even let the firemen in.  Thankfully my next door neighbor noticed the trucks and came over.  She was able to take the boys to the play room so they didn't notice the Ambulance take Mama Boo and me away.  They didn't seem phased by their Mama Boo lying on he ground since she's so often down there playing with her.  We made it to the hospital about 25 minutes after I first called 911.  Thankfully mom was a candidate to get TPA stroke medicine and the faster you get that the better (there is a tiny window of time before you are no longer a candidate for this).  We are SO thankful that this happened when and where it did.  Thankful that she was not alone and that we were in such close proximity to a great hospital.

Yesterday morning she started regaining movement on the left side but it was a rough day of nausea.  Even in her pain she kept thinking of others.  Today has been much better.  She was able to get out of bed (with help) and begin PT and OT.  We are still in ICU waiting for results from an MRI and Eco-Cardio test and then they will hopefully move us to another room.  The next step will be to go somewhere for neuro rehab.  They are calling this a stroke, but seem baffled as to why she had one.

As you'd expect, Mama Boo has been quick to tell every nurse and doctor about the Jesus she loves.  She is eager to work hard in rehab and get back to normal so she can play with all her grand babies.  The doctor expects that to happen but has prepared us that it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Today's word of the day on her computer was "Haptic" which means related to, or based on the sense of touch.  The nurses and doctors have spent the last 48 hours checking her sense of touch on her left side.  When I searched "touch" in Bible gateway, it gave me Psalm 105:5

“Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.”
Mama Boo is certainly an anointed one.  We are thankful for the protection over her.  Along with this theme, we read the account of the bleeding woman in the storybook Bible last night.  All she had to do was touch Jesus and she was healed.  Touch is a powerful thing.  Most of you reading have been touched by something my mom has shared on this blog or just in doing life together. We wait with anticipation all the ways that God will be woven into this chapter of her story.  Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words.